Vitamin Liquid  D3

1000 IU

Available in:

25 mL (SKU 3350)

Vitamin D helps boost bone mineral density. Vitamin D deficiency-related bone thinning is common among the elderly, those with dark skin, persons who stay indoors, or who wear clothing that covers most of their skin. Research suggests higher doses of vitamin D may also provide protection against certain cancers.

  • Each 0.25 mL provides 1000 IU (25 mcg) of vitamin D3
  • Easy to take, convenient dropper for accurate dosing

Categories:Vitamin D, Immune Support

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  • Overview

    Liquid Vitamin D3 from Webber Naturals is an important supplement for development and support of strong bones and teeth and for immunity. Babies and growing children require vitamin D for normal growth and development as well.

    Sun exposure is the primary source of vitamin D, but geographic latitude, cloud cover, smog, and use of sunscreen can reduce UV ray exposure and limit vitamin D synthesis. Originally promoted for the prevention of rickets (a softening of the bones), vitamin D has been intensively researched in recent years and experts are recommending higher intake of this very safe nutrient. Adults and children in northern communities, or who have other risk factors such as dark skin, may need to supplement with vitamin D in winter months.

    Liquid Vitamin D3 from Webber Naturals provides safe, natural vitamin D3 for anyone who wants the health benefits of vitamin D but who doesn't like to take pills. The liquid form makes it easy to adjust the amount taken.

    If you don't get enough sun, supplement with vitamin D for overall health support.

    Medicinal Ingredients

    Each 0.25 mL contains:
    Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 1000 IU (25 mcg)

    Non-Medicinal Ingredients

    Medium chain triglycerides, organic flaxseed oil, natural vitamin E.
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