Kristin Metvedt, BA, RHN

Kristin Metvedt, BA, RHN


Kristin Metvedt is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and Product Specialist and Educator for WN Pharmaceuticals. She has worked in education and research for over 10 years where she worked in consumer information services, as educator and host for live educational events and webinars and provides nutritional counseling services for the company.

As the mother of two growing children, Kristin has a special interest in nutrition for families, working parents (or people on-the-go!), pregnancy health, weight management, immune health and mental health. As a nutritionist, she looks to find connections between food quality and lifestyle habits and how these factors influence optimal health.

Kristin Metvedt is a graduate of Brock University, St. Catherine’s Ontario, BA (1997) and the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Registered Holistic Nutritionist program in 2000.

Kristin has been involved in the WN Pharmaceuticals Research and Education department for over 10 years where her role has encompassed product information specialist in consumer relations, research and education. Her role in Educational Services has taken her across the country to speak in small and large communities from Halifax to Vancouver Island. She presents on various health topics including women’s health, bone and joint, weight loss, essential fatty acids, and the habits of healthy living to public and professional groups. Continuing in her passion for education and healthy living, Kristin provides on-line webinars and nutrition counseling on-line for the company.

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