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    Your little one learns their ABCs and 123s from their favourite furry friends. Now they can discover even more valuable lessons like maintaining healthy habits with Sesame Street Vitamins.

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    Sesame Street Vitamins were developed with kids in mind. By using Webber Naturals’ quality ingredients and best-in-class testing standards, we’ve gone above and beyond to ensure your kids get exactly what they need—with a sprinkle of fun, and without compromise.

    No aspartame

    No aspartame

    No artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives

    No artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives

    No gelatin

    No gelatin





    Every Day Can Be A Healthy Day

    Number 1

    Make each meal meaningful!

    A variety of flavours and textures can make any dish nutritious and fun. Experimenting with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains makes every meal exciting and new.

    Number 2

    Movement can be fun!

    Physical activity can happen anytime and anywhere. Dancing, jumping and running are some of the ways children can channel their natural energy.

    Number 3

    Vitamins are the perfect complement to your child’s routine!

    Sesame Street Vitamins make it easy to ensure your child gets all the nutrients they need in delicious little gummies.

    Learn & Play

    We teamed up with Sesame Street to bring you fun and exciting activities! Click image to download and print!


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