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Exercises & Natural Relief for Lower Back Pain

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Exercises & Natural Relief for Lower Back Pain

Sudden shooting pain, dull aches, or stiffness—most of us have experienced some form of lower back pain at one time or another. All too often, the sensation is so debilitating that it interferes with work, family, and social commitments.

In fact, lower back pain is the most common reason that people miss work throughout the world.[1] The good news is that you can take proactive measures to help maintain your lower back health. This includes regular back strengthening exercises and plant-based natural health products that ease pain and support recovery.

Causes of lower back pain

The lower back, also called the lumbar area, is the section of your back that begins just below your rib cage. Pain in this region can be caused by a wide variety of phenomena, including physical activity, aging, lifestyle, and inflammation.

1. Physical activity Keeping active is important for your health, but lower back pain can be triggered by muscle strain during certain physical events. Common situations include overextended muscles while weight lifting, activities with repetitive movements, and twisting or lifting awkwardly.

2. Aging A ruptured, bulging, or herniated disc can cause pain by pressing on your sciatic nerve or spinal nerve roots. This can stem from general wear and tear of your vertebrae as you age, or may be a result of an old injury.

3. Lifestyle Poor posture, sitting in an unsupportive chair at work, being overweight, a sedentary lifestyle, and regularly carrying an over-packed bag are all culprits for lower back pain.

4. Inflammation Inflammation of the lower back can stem from a variety of issues, including osteoarthritis. In this case, the joints within the spine become inflamed and stimulate surrounding nerves to cause pain. Whatever the cause for your lower back pain, the following exercises and natural joint care ingredients are fantastic choices for improved relief and mobility.  

Back Saving Exercises

Strengthening the muscles around key joints while also relieving muscle tension and tightness can help to prevent back pain. Perform the following exercises at least three times per week after following a warm-up routine. 

Back saving exercises latissimus-dorsi-movement

This is a foam roller movement to ease tension in the back and shoulders. Lie on your side with your top leg planted behind your straight, bottom leg. Use your planted foot to guide the rolling motion. Roll along the outside of your arm and armpit through the side of your upper back. Repeat on the other side.

Relieve Lower Back Exercises - Hamstring stretch

Position yourself on your hands and knees. Slowly arch your back, pushing your spine up towards the ceiling. Gradually release the stretch by pushing your abdomen toward the floor. Aim for 3 repetitions twice per day.

This is a foam roller movement to release tension from the sciatic nerveSit with the back of your hips on the foam roller. Cross one leg over the other and gently shift your weight to the hip of the raised leg. Roll back and forth slowly. Repeat on the other side.

Lay on the floor with your knees bent, your feet on the floor, and your hands at your sides. Engage your core as you lift your hips to the ceiling and hold the position. While in a raised position, try to keep a perfectly straight line from your shoulders through your hips to your knees. Aim for 5 repetitions of 20-second holds. 

Back Saving Nutrients

Botanicals have long played a role in natural pain relief and joint care. Back Pain Formula with InflamEase takes a revolutionary approach to such botanicals by combining standardized extracts of turmeric, boswellia, and white willow alongside magnesium and ultra-fruit blend from InflamEase. It has become the go-to product for anyone seeking natural relief from lower back pain and minor joint pain associated with osteoarthritis. Here’s why:

1) Turmeric’s main active ingredient is curcumin, a potent antioxidant that supports your body’s natural inflammatory response to provide relief from joint pain. By including curcumin in a complex with phosphatidylcholine, it is much easier for the body to absorb and use.

2) White willow bark is used to help relieve lower back pain because of its natural salacin content. The body metabolizes salicin to salicylic acid, an ingredient found in many over-the-counter pain medications.

3) Boswellia serrata is an Ayurvedic herb that is commonly used to relieve pain related to joint inflammation. Its main actives are boswellic acids. When used in combination, Boswellia and curcumin from turmeric provide even greater relief from osteoarthritis than when taken separately.[2]

4) Magnesium is an essential mineral and electrolyte that is pivotal to muscle relaxation, bone mineralization, and joint health. It is also an effective supplement for those suffering from lower back pain.[3]

5) Ultra Fruit Blend from InflamEase supports back health with potent antioxidant protection against free radicals. The proprietary blend is made from seven concentrated fruit extracts with a total of 76% polyphenols. Don’t let lower back pain keep you on life’s sidelines.

6) Back Pain Formula with InflamEase will help you manage discomfort, inflammation, and recovery. Using it in conjunction with lower back exercises is the ultimate approach to addressing lower back pain naturally.

Click here for further information on natural supplements that help to relieve joint pain and inflammation.

Patience Lister, BSc

Patience Lister, BSc

Patience Lister is a professional writer who helps to inspire healthier and more sustainable food and supplement choices.

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