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All gelatin is from an animal source; since this ingredient is derived from collagen, a protein only found in animals, there is no plant-derived gelatin. Wherever you see the word “gelatin” on our labels, it always refers to an animal-derived ingredient. Our gelatin capsules are made from bovine (beef) sources unless specified otherwise. Where vegetable-based capsules are used, the terms “vegetarian capsule” and/or “carbohydrate gum” will appear on the label. Please note that we do not use porcine (pork) gelatin for our capsules.

We avoid gluten-containing ingredients in our formulations. Our labels have been updated with comprehensive allergen disclaimers, so you will see gluten disclaimed for our products along with the priority allergen, wheat, where applicable. If you have a product that does not disclaim gluten on the label, please contact our Product Information department by phone or email with your product’s UPC (bar code number), or NPN from the product page on our website so that we can verify the information. While gluten is not expected in any of our products, we would like to be as accurate as possible in the information we provide.

Products made for export often have a different look as compared to the North American products you’ll see on our website. Labelling for our export products is in accordance with government regulations in the destination country. Ingredients and formulations are often the same as what is used for our domestic products, so there is information on our website that applies to most of the Webber Naturals products you can purchase overseas. If you have any questions about a specific product, we’d be happy to help – please use the Contact Us form and provide your product’s UPC (bar code number) so that we can provide you with the most accurate information.

We produce licensed natural health products with label dosages and corresponding efficacy claims approved by Health Canada. Any increase in dosage beyond our label recommendation or other “off-label” use should be discussed with your physician since this would constitute medical advice.

For most products, recommended dosages are given for adults (18+ years). As a manufacturer of licensed natural health products, we are not able to offer medical advice or suggest treatment beyond our label information. For use of products where dosages are not listed for children or adolescents, we must recommend speaking with a physician to determine an appropriate dosage.

Several of our products contain certified organic and organically grown ingredients. Products containing these ingredients will be labelled accordingly. Although we are not able to provide a full complement of organic products, we are committed to using 100% GMO-free ingredients. As part of our Quality Control program, we have set up an in-house laboratory for GMO testing using the latest analytic methods in GMO detection for bioengineered genetic material and proteins.

Employing the latest analytic methods in GMO detection for bioengineered genetic material and proteins, we have confirmed that all ingredients in our formulas, including non-medicinal ingredients, are non-GMO. Our commitment to this challenge is demonstrated by the significant resources we have invested in an in-house laboratory solely dedicated to GMO testing. You will find GMOs disclaimed in the allergen disclaimer of product labels.

Our Quality Control department has confirmed that there are no peanuts in our formulations and we do not process peanuts in our facilities; however, we are not a “peanut-free facility” – this means that peanuts are permitted on site in staff areas, i.e., lunchrooms and offices. In order to ensure our products are free of priority allergens, we gather information from each raw material supplier used to make our products about the allergenic products in their facility, production equipment, and within the raw material. A thorough evaluation is performed on all incoming raw materials for potential allergens.

WN Pharmaceuticals Ltd. does not conduct animal testing, nor do we employ outside firms to test our products on animals.

You may wish to check with your veterinarian about the use of our products to be sure that all of the ingredients are safe to use in dogs – it may be that some ingredients have not been fully evaluated for use as veterinary supplements. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide information regarding the use of our Webber Naturals products for pets.

For export enquiries, please complete the Export Enquiries form at the bottom of each page on our website. Using this form, you can enter any questions you have regarding international sales and a member of our Export department will respond.

We don’t certify any of our products as halal; however, many of our suppliers provide halal-certified ingredients. For any ingredient you would like us to check, please use the Contact Us form and provide your product’s UPC (barcode number) or a link to the product page on our website. We would be happy to let you know if any ingredient is rated as halal according to our supplier documentation. Please understand that we are not able to provide any certification for our products or ingredients.

Manufacturing for our products is done at our facilities in British Columbia, Canada.

The glycerin used throughout our product line is derived from vegetable sources of coconut and/or palm kernel oil. We do not use animal-derived glycerin for our products.

Many of our products are suitable for vegan diets. Although we don’t maintain a complete list of vegan products, we have recently added more comprehensive ingredient information on the product labels to make choosing a product easier. Those that are free of animal ingredients now state: Suitable for vegetarians/vegans.

Changes in urine colour to a darker or brighter colour are associated with intake of Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) supplements. This is something that happens to most people who use a B Vitamin Complex or Multivitamin formula and is not harmful in any way.

Using products after their expiry date is not recommended; we can no longer guarantee the safety, potency, or efficacy of expired products. Products are guaranteed until the end of the month indicated.

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