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10 Relaxing Family Activities


Relaxation is an important part of maintaining physical and mental health. But this doesn’t necessarily mean alone time. Engaging in relaxing activities with the whole family is a fantastic way to spend quality time together without the stress of schedules, chores, homework, and (hopefully) bickering.

Think beyond the television with these 10 fun, relaxing family activities:

1. Game Night

Get your family in jovial spirits with a series of classic family games, such as charades, dominos, and trivia questions.

2. Nature Walk

There’s nothing like Mother Nature to invigorate your body and strengthen your connection with family members.

3. A Bonfire

Huddling around a blazing fire on a crisp evening is a great way to share laughs, tell stories, and reminisce with family.

6. Pajama Breakfast

There’s something comforting about wearing your pajamas to breakfast. Schedule a morning where the whole family can participate in preparing and eating a leisurely PJ breakfast together.

6. Bike Ride

Chart a route along bike paths or trails where the whole family can enjoy riding their bikes without the stress of traffic and road rules.

6. Star Gazing

Clear, cool nights are the perfect time to go stargazing. Sleeping bags, snacks, and a thermos of hot tea will keep all family members warm and happy while scanning the sky for constellations, shooting stars, and satellites.

7. Hot Springs

In many countries, hot springs and bath houses are a family event. Heat, steam, and water naturally instill a sense of calm and relaxation at any age.

8. Yoga

Involving the whole family in a fun yoga session will put a social spin on relaxing tense muscles and improving flexibility.

9.Team sports

Conjure up some fun family rivalry with a game of soccer, baseball, or any favourite team sport. Little ones will love chasing their older siblings, parents, or grandparents around the sports field.

10. Movie night

Alright, I’ll admit it. Settling your family on the couch with a good movie and a bowl of popcorn is sometimes the ultimate way to unwind together.

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Patience Lister is a Vancouver, B.C. based freelance writer specializing in food and natural health products. She has been writing and conducting research for these sectors since 2005 with a particular focus on nutrition and quality.