PGX Satisfast Organic Vegan 15 g Protein Bars

Very Berry Chocolate

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6 x 2.2 oz g Bars (SKU 3039)

PGX Satisfast Vegan Organic 15 g Protein Bars are made with PGX, plant protein, and fresh raw foods, all coated in organic dark chocolate. These vegan, gluten-free, protein-rich bars reduce food cravings, prolong fullness, promote healthy weight, and are ideal for athletes and anyone looking to boost protein intake.

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    The PGX Satisfast Organic Vegan 15 g Protein Bar is USDA Organic certified, 100% vegan, gluten-free, and made with fresh raw whole foods to create a deliciously satisfying and convenient snack bar.

    Containing 1.5 g of PGX, a novel natural polysaccharide (fiber) complex, these healthy and flavorful very berry dark chocolate bars promote a feeling of fullness to curb between-meal snacking and aid successful weight management when combined with a healthy diet and exercise program. These bars are also low on the glycemic index, and are made with whole-food sweeteners and natural stevia.

    Each PGX Satisfast Organic Vegan Very Berry Dark Chocolate protein bar is packed with antioxidants found in dark chocolate, cherries, and dates. This is the perfect bar for post-workout muscle recovery as it contains 15 g of easily digestible, high-quality pea and brown rice protein. It also offers a convenient source of long-lasting energy for those seeking to boost protein intake while avoiding animal products, soy, and gluten.

    Finally, a whole-food vegan protein bar that satisfies both hunger and your taste buds!

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