FemmeCalm® Vein Formula

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60 Vegetarian Capsules (SKU 3186)

Vein Formula supports healthy vein structure in the lower body. In the legs, it helps improve the appearance of veins and supports healthy fluid balance.

  • Reduces varicose vein symptoms, leg pain, swelling, itchiness, and nighttime cramping
  • Supports healthy veins
  • Helps treat chronic vein insufficiency
  • Provides the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity to support healthy circulation
  • Delivers 900 mg of diosmin per dose for reduced appearance of veins
  • Contains 500 mg of horse chestnut per dose to alleviate pressure from fluid retention

Categories:Herbs, Healthy Aging, Women's Health, FemmeCalm®

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    Healthy circulation relies on maintaining the integrity, suppleness, and strength of the veins and other blood vessels. Unfortunately, a sedentary lifestyle and a range of other factors do not support healthy circulation.

    The FemmeCalm Vein Formula includes horse chestnut, a natural botanical traditionally used to help support healthy fluid balance and circulatory health.* Butcher's broom also helps maintain fluid balance in the lower limbs and supports the natural processes that help keep blood vessels in good working order.*

    Diosmin and hesperidin are flavonoids found in citrus peel that can support circulation and provide antioxidant activity for the health of cells. These natural compounds have been found to help in preserving the health of veins in the rectum and in the legs, which can help maintain the appearance of the legs and healthy rectal tissue.*

    FemmeCalm's Vein Formula provides a 900 mg daily dose of diosmin in a micronized form to support better absorption and bioavailability. All FemmeCalm products contain standardized extracts of key botanicals to provide targeted support for women's health and happiness, with Vein Formula helping to maintain blood vessel health and circulation and support venous function.*

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